Rusty Cox likes to do things right.  And he is not afraid to do what it takes.

Lately for him that means adding an additional 50,000 square foot distillation and aging facility to expand Davis Valley’s distilling operations to fill 100 barrels a day, seven days a week, as well as the capacity to hold and age an additional 30,000 barrels.

Despite those numbers, Rusty is committed to doing things the old fashioned way when it comes to making good whiskey.  You may have heard about the new Black Dog White Dog all-inclusive barrel-aged program to sell barrels of consistently high-quality, along with 3 years of aging at the 0-1 year price.

The program evolved with the help of Victory Spirits Development to solve a pain point for the growing number of craft distillers lacking the time and/or resources to bring a true craft quality aged bourbon to their brand offerings.

In this video, Rusty describes what sets this white dog apart from others.


Watch Video: The Story of Black Dog White Dog



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Investing in Bourbon’s Future

to Enable Strong Craft Brands

Of course, in order to truly serve the needs of start-up and emerging distillers, there are options for deferring final payment of contracts until matured and ready for release, as well as investor financed distillation and aging, that ensure your future supply without tying up any of your working capital.

For some distillers, like Marc Christenson of Dented Brick Distillery, it’s a game-changer. “I was going to buy 4-8 barrels to get started, but with the prospect of financing, I can make a much larger commitment.”  For many, this is the key to being able to bring a volume of craft product to market to seize a larger share of demand.

The Opportunity to Invest in Profits and Privileges

There is also an opportunity for investors to share in the upside as the value of aged bourbon increases over a 3-4 year period.  It’s a program that combines a structured, secured investment program, with private barrel selection, tasting and celebration privileges. 



For More Information about the Bourbon Bond

The Bourbon Bond investment program is created and managed by Victory Spirits Development | CWI Ventures.  For more information, use this form to contact Michael Shoer, Managing Partner.

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Rusty and his team at Davis Valley Distillery love what they do, and it shows in the quality of the juice and the pride and hospitality that is plain to see for anyone who pays a visit to the original mountain top distillery and the Saltville distillery and rickhouse.


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